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Where Can I Buy Acai Berries?

People who would like to try out the fruit and see if it works for them have a wide variety of options to choose from. If you are wondering where to buy acai berry or its products then you can look up medical sites which offer a variety from separate pharmaceutical companies. Different commercial suppliers offer acai berry extract in many forms such as capsules, frozen acai berries, acai berry powder and acai berry tablets. Using acai berries for health purposes is something that everyone can try out. Small dosages such as 3 tablets in a week should be safe.

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More  About Acai Berries

buying acai berriesThe acai palm tree grows indigenously in South and Central America. The tree produces some of the finest berries nature has to offer. The reddish purple fruit is about an inch long and filled with healthy compounds. The acai fruit has been known for years upon years to have healing properties. The fruit also has the right natural compounds to boost immunity and provide an energy boost. Research has also been carried out to show that it contains potent antioxidants. As a matter of fact, the acai berry has a richer content of anti oxidants than you would find in some of the common berries you are used to such as blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, or strawberries.

Health Benefits of Acai Berries

There are a number of health conditions that are remedied by eating acai berries. The antioxidant-packed fruit may well have the ability to fight health deficiencies caused by oxidative damage.

  1. A healthy heart 

Just like red wine, acai berries have been shown to have a rich content of anthocyanins. This is a kind of plant antioxidant that is important for lowering blood cholesterol levels. They also have a high level of plant sterols which benefit our cells with cardio-protective properties. This is achieved by its ability to stop blood in the vessels from clotting. It also improves the general blood circulation and helps blood vessels relax.

  1. Your skin stays healthier

A lot of cosmetic products developed to help the skin regain its glow have a percentage of acai oil in them. This is also due to the rich antioxidant content that acai berry extract contains. Pure acai oil will do just as much for you as chemical based cosmetic products will. It is therefore an ideal natural option to substitute anything that has undergone any chemical alteration.

  1. Good for the lungs

Acai berries have undergone some research that links them to healthy lungs. Smokers have inflammatory and oxidant effects to their lungs that are brought about by cigarette smoke. If the acai extract is administered systemically then it becomes even more effective in reducing the inflammation.

  1. Anti aging properties 

Again due to the high level of antioxidants in acai berries, the fruit can help one stay younger for longer. Oxidative damage initiates a process of ageing that can be reversed or slowed down by the use of acai berry supplements. The fruit happens to have one of the highest antioxidant contents in the world; it is ten times that of grapes and twice as much as that of blueberries.

Where To Find Acai Berries?

There are many forms of the fruit available such as acai berry capsules, pulp, juice and puree. These supplements are healthy to take since they use extract from the fruit which has been purified but is still as potent. Once you buy the capsules, you can break one off and pour it into your smoothie to make it a sort of an acai berry juice.

acai berries where to buyAcai Berries For Weight Loss?

There are health products that have acai as the active component for weight loss. The acai berry weight loss claims seem to have no concrete research to support them. Berries are definitely part of a healthy regime; however, there have been no proven results of weight loss achieved through an acai berry diet.

Acai Berries Side Effects

People with pollen allergies are going to be affected by the berries in a similar way and therefore it is advisable that they stay away from the fruit. Another group of people that may be affected negatively by the berry are those who have reactions to berries that are similar to it.




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