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More About Rhodiola

where can i buy rhodiolaRhodiola rosea is a flowering plant that grows well in cold areas. The areas where it grows well include the Arctic; mountainous parts of Europe such as Ireland, Scandinavia, the Alps and Pyrenees just to mention a few. This remarkable herb has a long history of being beneficial. Among it believed uses include enhancing immunity, fighting depression, strengthening the nervous system, improving memory, boosting energy levels and increase sexual performance. The herb is an adaptogen with a high potency hence its ability to combat different types of conditions. The normal functions of the body always need to be reinforced in order to function at an optimum level; adaptogens serve to increase the body’s resistance to illness generally and normalizes various functions of the body.

Way back in 77 A.D., Dioscorides, a Greek physician recorded down different ways in which the plant could be used as medication which at the time he called rodia riza. Vikings drew endurance and strength from the herb while in China emperors sent for the herb even though it meant an expedition to Siberia. During the cold war, the herb was among those researched on by the Soviet Union in order to get ahead of the west in terms of development in medicine.

Health Benefits of Rhodiola

In Eastern Europe and Asia the herbal supplement rhodiola rosea, also known as arctic root extract, is popular as a traditional remedy known to enhance performance in work, prevent sickness in high altitudes, reducing depression and easing fatigue.

  1. Enhances memory

Research has been carried out using proofreading tests to show that Rhodiola rosea has the ability to improve one’s capabilities in terms of concentration and memorization. It multiplies the brain’s bioelectric activity such that it can retain more of what it acquires.

In one study, 40 students who were randomly selected were divided into two groups. One was given 50g or Rhodiola rosea and the other a placebo for a period of 20 days. The results were very encouraging as the students receiving Rhodiola extract exhibited heightened mental performance, reduced mental fatigue, improved mental stability and a greater yearning to study. After an exam was administered ,the students using Rhodiola rosea scored 3.47 while those on the placebo scored 3.20

  1. Boosting the immune system

Rhodiola is of great importance to the immune system. Apart from boosting immunity, it also reinforces the metabolic balance of the body. It helps increase the number of killer cells in the spleen. Rhodiola rosea can regulate the release of glucocorticoid in the body hence normalize hormone levels; this is the reason the increase of killer cells is attributed to it.

  1. Complications of the heart

When one is having cardiac problems brought about by stress then Rhodiola can help make things better. The herb reduces corticosteroid and catecholamine levels which the adrenal glands release during stressful periods. An amount of these two hormones that is too great in the body will prompt blood pressure to shoot up and raise the levels of cholesterol and potassium thereby increasing the risk of heart disease.

Rhodiola Dosage

where to buy rhodiola roseaIt is hard to determine the right amount of dosage because different manufactures use varied forms of the herb whose potency differs. The best way to make sure one stays within the safe zone is to explicitly follow the directions of use that the supplement comes with. You should also seek advice from your medical practitioner on how to use it and they will give you the right dosage according to your reason for using, age and past medical issues that may cause complications.

Rhodiola anxiety or depression medication is recommended in a dosage of between 100 mg and 400 mg in a day. The dosage should be adjusted if you are going to be using rhodiola pills, supplements, tablets, liquid extracts or powders.

Body builders commonly use the herb for some rhodiola energy. They include it in their list of supplements for energy. More so the herb also lessens muscle fatigue. The best rhodiola rosea supplement out there at the moment is Nutrilite’s Rhodiola 110.

Rhodiola Side Effects

Rhodiola is not addictive and is certified by medics everywhere to be safe. The side effects of using it that have been reported range from restlessness, hyper salivation, agitation and nausea. These are side effects that one experiences if they take any mild stimulants right after taking rhodiola. In an extremely high dose one is likely to have heart palpitations. Said dosage may be double or triple a thing that is likely to happen to an athlete before a main event.

Rhodiola is one herb with many assorted benefits. It has also been shown to improve sexual capacity in men as it helps in reducing erectile dysfunction.