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More About Osha Root

where can i buy osha rootOsha root is a herb found in some parts of the Rocky Mountains and the northern parts of Mexico. Native Americans have used it for various infections of the respiratory and digestive tract since time immemorial. Now the herb is used to treat colds and viral infections. It is commonly referred to by a number of names such as wild lovage, Porter’s licorice-root, Porter’s root, Indian parsley or Colorado cough root among many others. The scientific name of the osha plant is Ligusticum poteri. The root is also considered one of the ‘bear medicines’. The bear is known in many cultures to be able to use herbs for its own healing. Bears will chew on osha just after it’s done hibernating to cleanse its insides. They will also roll on it to get its scent which will give them the same effect as catnip would for cats.

It grows all over the Rocky Mountain range stretching from Canada to Mexico. The plant does not grow well when you try to domesticate it hence the best extracts can only be found in Osha that grows wildly. It flourishes in dry meadows and ravines. The plant can be preserved by simply drying it in the sun and will still retain its qualities for years after being dried. Since it has some very potent antiviral and antibacterial substances, the root does not root easily.

Parts of the osha root that you can use

In medicine, the part that is of importance is the root. However, the leaves and seeds can also be used to spice up food. Using the leaves and seeds in food gives it an appetizing oriental scent.

How Is The Market For Osha Herbs?

Osha root has found use in medicine as an alternative treatment for coughs and colds. Osha root can be dried or obtained as root extracts or osha root tincture. One can buy osha root and make a homemade cough syrup to relieve coughs. It is easy to prepare as all you need to do is grind the dried root and add twice as much honey as the amount of roots you have ground. After steeping it for about an hour, all that is left to do is squeeze out the liquid and use it.

The herb can also be made into osha root tea which does a good job in relieving sore throats and colds. The bear root tea does a great job loosening phlegm and fighting colds and flu. The boiled decoction has even more of an effect when you make it stronger and works better than goldenseal and Echinacea to relieve congestion in the upper parts of the respiratory tract.

A lot of over-the-counter formulas made out of osha tincture are mixed with goldseal and Echinacea to add to the strength of the remedy. It is therefore important that you read the fine print on the medicine well if you have any intolerance for one of the herbs. A capsule of the herb osha is also available. This is mixed with Lomatium root which is another herb known for its qualities that improve one’s immunity.

osha root benefitsOsha Root Benefits

By now, you may have learnt about one or two osha root uses that you had no clue about. However, if it still baffles you how osha root syrup and all the other extracts work then here is a little to help demystify it.

To begin with, the plant is stacked with properties that are a benefit to human health such as diaphoretic, diuretic, antiviral, decongestant and carminative properties. Osha root extract is an anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, anti-spasmodic and a febrifuge.

Osha herbs have volatile oils, lactone glycoside, ferulic acid, saponins, phytosterols, sterols, terpenes and alkaloid sterols all of which constituents that have medical value. The herb also has Z-ligustilide which fights yeast as well as bacterial infections and also relaxes muscles of the respiratory region.

Where To Find Osha Root

There are people who know about the herb or have experienced its effects before that have constantly been asking themselves the question; where can I buy osha root?’ Well, the product is currently available in stores, regular shops and online.

Nature has always had our back when it comes to making us feel better. Osha root is one of those natural remedies that make it amazing.




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