Where To Buy Mint Leaves

There are mainly two kinds of mint leaves, spearmint and peppermint. We always recommend organic products, if possible, so if you wish to know where to buy mint leaves, simply click the desired quantity below.







More About Mint Leaves

Although peppermint leaves are readily available all-year-round, peppermint leaves are abundant in places where the weather is warm. This gives the leaves an extra burst of flavor, making them perfect for everything, such as iced peppermint tea

Short Description

Mint is that glorious plant that’s responsible for the cool burst flavor present in our favorite candies. Though, contrary to popular belief, there’s no such thing as mint trees, because it grow on plants. There are more than 25 species of mint, where peppermint is considered to be a natural hybrid between water mint and spearmint.


Mint herb is the ancient herb famous for its aromatic, medicinal and culinary properties. Its highly distinctive smell made it one of the famous perfuming herbs throughout the history. It has been used as a strewing herb to clean the air in homes and temples worldwide. Also, it has become a symbol of hospitality for several cultures, because back then, mint leaves were traditionally rubbed on dining tables as a gesture to welcome guests in Greece. In the Middle East, to show hospitality, the locals offer mint tea leaves to their guests.

Mint herb plants have played a vital role in the American tradition. Although native Americans have been using leaves before the arrival of the Europeans, the earlier colonists have brought this wonderful herb in the old world, and has been honored ever since. The therapeutic properties of mint leaf tea, as well as its delectable taste made it very popular in a global scale.

Appearance and Taste of Peppermint and Spearmint Leaves

Peppermint leaves are greenish-purple and lance-shaped, but there are also rounder leaves found in spearmint plants. The difference is that, spearmint leaves are usually more grayish in color, but the flavor of both spearmint and peppermint is similar to being a combination of chlorophyll and pepper. Though, the flavor of peppermint is a little bit stronger, while it’s more subtle and cool with spearmint.

The Long List of Its Benefits

Mint leaves have a number of benefits, and we’re going to discuss some of those:

– Anti-Cancer
Peppermint leaves are packed with perillyl alcohol and this has been considered as a form of phytonutrient capable of preventing the production of liver, mammary, and pancreatic tumors. Studies also revealed that it has the ability of protecting the body against the formation of cancer, especially in the lungs, skin, and colon.

– Peppermint Leaves Can Soothe Tummy Ache
One of its best known benefits is that peppermint oil is capable of relieving symptoms brought by dyspepsia, and indigestion. Likewise, they  are also packed with healing properties that are probably connected to its muscle-soothing capabilities.

The moment the muscles surrounding our intestine are unstrained, then the risks of sudden spasm, as well as indigestion decreases. Also, the menthol present in peppermint could probably be the reason behind its bowel-comforting benefits.

– Easier Breathing
Peppermint contains ‘rosmarininic acid’ which is known for having a positive effect on those who suffer from asthma. Aside from the antioxidant abilities that could neutralize the free radicals, this substance is also capable of blocking the production of inflammatory chemicals.

Peppermint also triggers the cells to produce substances known as prostacyclins that promote easy breathing as it keeps the air passages open.

Peppermint leaves extract could also relieve nasal symptoms brought by allergic rhinitis– cold often caused by allergies.

– Anti-Microbial Properties
The essential oil extracted fro peppermint leaves could also put a halt in the production of bacteria, such as e-coli, salmonella, and MRSA (staphylococcus aureus). Aside from that, it has been discovered that it is capable of preventing the production of specific types of fungus too.

– Good Source of Several Nutrients
Another mint tea benefits that you ought to know is that this wonder herb delivers several traditional nutrients. In fact, it’s a perfect source of Vitamin C, copper, and manganese. The vitamin C present in peppermint plays a part in reducing the risks of colorectal cancer. This is the major soluble inhibitor the body needs in order to lessen the formation of radicals that damage the cells. Furthermore, studies show that adding more vitamin C could also decrease the risks of colon cancer by up to 40%. Then there are studies suggesting that it could also reduce the occurrence of tumors.

Proper Selection and Storage

As much as possible, always pick fresh mint leaves over dried leaves, because the former is usually superior in flavor. Fresh mint leaves, such as garden mint usually look vibrant, and has a richer green color. Likewise, fresh leaves shouldn’t have any dark spots nor yellowing.

To store fresh mint leaves, they should be carefully wrapped in a damp paper towel, and inside a loose baggie. Store inside the fridge and it would stay fresh for a couple of days. On the other hand, dried mint must be kept in an air-tight container and they would stay fresh for up to a year.

Where to Buy Spearmint Leaves

If you’re one of those who are wondering where to find mint leaves or where you can buy mint leaves, then we can help you with that. Although dried hers and spices, such as peppermint leaf, pudina leaves, and spearmint herbs are usually available in grocery stores, it’s highly advisable to visit a spice store if you’re wondering where to get mint leaves.

Most of the time, these specialty stores have a wide selection of spices and herbs that have better quality as compared to what are being offered in traditional supermarkets.

Similar with other herbs, when you purchase dried mint leaves and dried spearmint, try to look for organically grown mints, since these are healthier.

Where to Buy Fresh Mint Leaves

Truth be told, if you really want it fresh, finding them can be a bit challenging. If I were you, mint plants for sale or mint seeds for sale would be a better pick. Just plant them on your own, and you can even try cultivating the chocolate mint plant. They’re not that hard to take care of, and having an herb garden can definitely be relaxing. Make sure that you pick the best mint seeds though.

Big nurseries that have a lot of herbs usually have spearmint leaves for sale. However, you can always consider checking your local supermarket first.

We hope that this has given you an idea on where I can buy mint leaves.

Best Ways to Incorporate Fresh Mint Leaves in Your Diet: Mint Uses

Here are some of the most common peppermint uses that you might find interesting:
– Try brewing a warm cup of a relaxing and fresh peppermint herbal tea, and enjoy one of the pudina benefits, such as relieving an upset stomach. Make sure you pick the best peppermint tea leaves though.
– Make a salad using fresh mint or dried mint leaves, eggplants, garlic, plain yogurt, and cayenne.

Mint Leaves Side Effects

Some of the allergic reaction to mint includes:
– Nasal congestion
– Eczema
– Headaches
– Tingling around the mouth and lips
– Abdominal cramps

If you’re not allergic to mint, don’t worry, you won’t experience any of these side effects.